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Hello, I didn't take the time but I wanted to thank you, I thought my baby didn't like being carried. We had tried with other wraps and finally when I discovered Léora, I had a big crush and went for one. Now how to say, he immediately accepted it 🤗🤗🤗 thank you very much for the work you do

Laura B.

I was lucky to win the beautiful Rasperry in a draw! A marvel, soft, cushy and supple even without a brak-in despite the linen.
I then tested anoter wrap and I don't think I've ever tested such a soft and above all so beautiful wrap! It even seduced dad!

Ali B.

So many marvels come out of this workshop, a real happiness, a soft cloud to carry our stars.

Karin D.

Your creations are so beautiful and poetic

Charlotte P.