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Your testimonials

Hello, I did not take the time but I wanted to thank you, I thought that my baby did not like being carried. We had tried with other wraps when finally I came across Léora - I had a big crush and I bought one. What can I say, he immediately accepted it ! thank you very much for the work you do

Laura B.

A poetic universe, soft and cushy materials but above all an ethical approach and very respectful of the various contributors to this very beautiful project !!!
A real pleasure to wear with Léora fabrics.

Maelle D.

Received my first Léora "Party in the air" - how to put it? MAAAAGNIFICENT! Ultra soft comfort. Great design! In short, completely won over. Can't wait to discover other wraps

Joana V.

I was lucky to win the beautiful Rasperry in a draw! A marvel, soft, cushy and supple even without breaking in dispite its linen.
I then tested App and I don't think I have ever tested such a soft and above all so beautiful wrap! It even seduced dad!

Ali B.

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“Meeting at @la_ruche_leora 's workshop with their superb wraps, and Camille from @capucines.family allowed me to correct my positioning. I wasn't setting the sling rings high enough when I was setting up Charlie. Camille showed me that it was necessary to place the rings on the round of the shoulder and now I really take the time for the installation…. »

Daddy Remi