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Length is measured before wash, measuring tape and wrap in hand. After first wash, your wrap will shrink by approx. 4%. First wash is mandatory. It allows fibers to set permanently and ensures the overall wrap's sturdiness.

How to choose the right size for you ?

Vous débutez et vous portez essentiellement au ventre

You are a beginner and you mainly do front carry ? Opt for a long wrap. It will allow you to finish your knotting with a twist under Baby's bottom and a double knot in the back. Moreover, it will easily forgive some tightening inaccuracies.

Vous êtes une fan du portage au dos et votre bébé commence à marcher

You're all about back carry and your toddler is starting to walk? Time to test shorter wraps. Faster to set, great for a toddler eager to come up and down to explore, and does not scrape the floor when wrapping outdoors.

Votre bébé est grand maintenant et il vous faut un portage d’appoint

Your baby is now all big and you only need the occasional carry. Bet on the shawl. Great of side carry, easy to wrap around your shoulders when baby is running around!

Léora's tips

Your baby has outgrown your current wrap? Don't stress, we can shorten it for you!

Il vous manque quelques cm pour finir votre nœud préféré

You're a couple inches short to finish your favorite knot? Don't stress, there are always options to finish your khot. Contact us for tips, our educators will provide answers.

 Pants size

Short wrap

Base size

US: 2-4 (FR: 34/36)

Size 3

Size 5

US: 6-10 (FR: 38/42)

Size 4

Size 6

US: 12-22 (FR: 44/54)

Size 5

Size 7

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