Very special wraps...

For your baby


The majority of our scarves are edited in limited editions and produced in very small series. Once exhausted, they are never reissued. Do you like a scarf? Follow our news on social networks: Facebook and Instagram to be aware of its release because they often leave very quickly! We always announce the exact date and time of the sale a few days before. A way not to miss anything? Download our app! Thus, you will receive an alert at the time of the sale.

AS UNIQUE AS YOUR BABY IS Why this way of working? This allows us a lot of creativity since several times a month, we offer you new scarves, taken from our imagination. It's demanding but so rewarding!


In addition, we work each baby scarf as a unique jewel. We choose for her its label made of English embroidery or old ribbons, mottled in the wind. Thus, you have the certainty that the fabric enveloping your little one, was created for him and for him alone. If you wish, we hand-embroider your baby's initials on his scarf. It thus becomes a birth gift to keep for life.


Finally, a work in small series is the guarantee of an artisanal work, on a small scale, at the height of our values: to link excellence and beauty, but also the respect of Nature and Men.

AS UNIQUE AS YOUR BABY IS The majority of our scarves are imagined in our workshops. We draw our inspiration from the nature that surrounds us, but also from our readings, our museum visits. When the inspiration is there, we carefully choose the colors that will reveal it. Our yarns are dyed to measure by our Belgian spinner, from our drawings. They are then entrusted to our weaver who carries out various tests. It is from these samples that we choose the scarf that will see the light of day.

AS UNIQUE AS YOUR BABY IS But we also love to involve you in the creative process! This is why we very regularly invite you to give us your opinion. It can be choosing between two versions or even deciding the composition of our next baby wrap. As soon as we can, we are opening "customs" so that you can choose the colors of the baby scarf of your dreams. In this case, our scarves are available for pre-order. They will be woven on demand, in the size you want. It then takes us a month to weave your scarf and make it.

For those who don't like to monitor social networks too closely, we also have a permanent collection . They are timeless, scarves to go with all outfits and to carry all babies. These scarves are still available on our website.