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Privacy statement

The website may collect certain personal data from web users such as their names, addresses, email, IP addresses, home address. The collection of that personal data is mandatory to access certain functions of the website, such as email contact or ordering.

This section is aimed at stating the reason for the collection of personal data and the means offered to web users to control, delete or even protect against such collection, if necessary.

I. Control and elimination of personal data

1. CNIL statement

Léora informs its Customers that the treatment of said nominative and/or personal information has been subject to a report to the CNIL, under number 2179243v0 and submitted on 3 May 2018.

2. Right to access, correction and objection

The data subject to the aforementioned statements are kept in secure conditions, following current technical methods, in compliance with the provisions of the Computer and Freedom Act of 6 January 1978. Pursuant to that statute, web users are entitled to cancellation, enquiry about, access to and correction of the data they have provided. To that end, the we user must send a request to Léora, whether:
  • By post to: Léora, 45, rue Pauline Kergomard – 33800 Bordeaux (France)
  • By email to:
Any amendment must be within reasonable periods as from the receipt of the web user’s request.

II. Collected data

1. Cookies

1.1 Purpose of cookies

Cookies implemented by Léora help store information on website browsing (dates, pages, times), as well as potential data collected by web users during their visit (searches, email, address), especially during the identification of the control panel. These cookies are kept in the web user’s computer workstation for a term of up to 1 year and may be read and used by Léora during another visit made by the web user to this website.

1.2 Web user’s power to object to the implementation of cookies

Web users have the chance to block, amend their conservation duration or remove cookies. Web users may control cookies via their web browser interface. To that end, please consult the instruction pages of different browsers to stay informed, configure it based on your choices, and know how to delete them if you use cookies in your computers:




For more information, you can check the documentation made available by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) in the following link: CNIL: Cookies: tools to control them.

2. IP addresses

Léora must communicate all the personal data related to a web user as requested or ordered by a court. The IP address may be subject to an understanding of the web user’s actual identity in case that information is communicated by an internet service provider.

3. Personal contact information

When the contact form is completed, Léora gathers your name and email address. These data are necessary to respond to your order. They are kept for up to 1 month in a reasonably secure digital support. At the time of the order, Léora collects your name, email address and home address. That data is necessary to issue your invoice and delivery notice of your purchase. Léora keeps these data for up to 5 years in a reasonably secure digital support. Léora informs its Customers that the treatment of said nominative and/or personal information has been subject to a report to the CNIL, under number 1309937 and submitted on 31 July 2008. In order to settle your order, you shall be redirected to the Woocommerce platform managed by Crédit Agricole. The protection of your payment data thus falls under the responsibility of Crédit Agricole. We have no access to said data.