Before using your wrap, please read carefully your manual instructions and keep them for further reference. While using your wrap, you are fully responsible for the safety of your child. Léora’s wraps are suitable for babywearing only, and for babies from 3 to 15kg (6.6 - 33 lb.) You must be awake while wearing your child. Never drive a vehicle or play sports while using your wrap. Don’t use your wrap close to a heat source or chemicals. Don’t use your wrap if your mobility or balance is restricted. Wear only one child at a time in your wrap.

Please check your wrap’s condition before each use, to make sure it isn’t damaged. If in doubt, please contact us. Always keep a hand under your child’s bum until you’ve finished and secured your wrapping. Make a good seat under your child’s bum, from one knee to the other. Always finish with a double knot. Your wrap must be tight enough so you don’t feel the need to keep a hand on your child after finishing your knot. We recommend that you seek advice from a babywearing consultant, which is always helpful.

Always wrap your child with his belly facing your body, in a «frog-like» position and make sure your child’s head is close enough to kiss. Make sure the fabric of the wrap stays clear from your child’s nose and mouth so he can breathe freely. There should be at least a two fingers width in between your child’s chin and his chest. His head and his spine must be aligned. If your child can’t sit on his own, make sure the wrap goes up to the bottom of his neck. Don’t force the natural spacing between his hips.

The wrap provides extra layers of fabric so make sure your child is not too hot. Please protect his head and legs from the sun and the cold. Remember to often provide him with plenty of fluids. Your balance can be unsteady with the weight of your child so be extra careful when leaning forward or backward.

In conformity with the norm NF EN 13209-2 :2016-02