Secrets de fabrication-en

Our wraps are weaved in France, with natural fibers only and with the greatest care.

They are full of imperfections and we are proud of it ! Each one is describing the manual work of our spinner and our weaver.

These are the artefacts you can find in Leora’s wraps.

A weaver knot.

Small spools (1,5kg) is the best option to obtain a uniform color when the threads are dyed. When a spool is running out, the weaver stop the loom and tie the thread to the next spool to make a knot, before starting the loom again. You will find smaller or larger knots depending on the size of the fiber used.

Floated threads.

When the wrap is weaved, some weft threads sometimes jump through several warp threads. Small floated threads (less than 3cm) are considered to be normal. If they are bigger, wraps are downgraded.

Threads with different size and color.

We only use natural fibers. For that reason, you may find in your wrap some threads with different size and color. This is perfectly normal and makes each wrap unique.

A wisp in my wrap.

You can find small wisps mixed with animal or vegetal threads. Usually they are removed during quality control but we can miss some of them. During wash, wisps initially hidden in the fabric may emerge. You can simply remove them gently.

A loose weaving.

When we use some without stretch fibers like linen, weaving may look fuzzy. Wash your wrap in a washing machine with a soft spinning to tighten fibers. Don’t worry if the weaving stays a bit fuzzy. It is totally normal and doesn’t impact the strenght and robustness of your wrap.

A fiber fly.

Our mill works with natural fibers during the whole day and is full of fiber dust. A fiber fly can sometimes flow into the wrap. During quality control we remove most of them but if you find one, just gradually pull it out of your wrap. Then, move gently the fibers to help them taking back their right place.

A nub.

Some fibers like linen or hemp remain irregular after spinning. When they are weaved, you can see little nubs on the wrap. Don’t touch anything and just enjoy the uniqueness of your wrap.

A thread out of the hem.

We remove them during quality control but if one of them has been forgotten, you can cut it flush.

Some defaults are due to weaving accidents (floated threads bigger than 5cm, warp thread badly positioned, etc).

These wraps are grade 2 and have a lower price (10% discount). In any case, these defaults are only aesthetic and don’t impact babywearing qualities.