Here at the Léora beehive, we have held on to the dreams and the desire to try everything that we had as children. If, like us, you love to feel the dew on your bare feet as you stroll across the fields... If the wrinkles on your grandmother’s face transport you, with the white rabbit in tow, to the labyrinthine world of wonderland... And if, above all, you want to live out your childhood dreams today, then you are already part of the hive, without even knowing it. What are the dreams that inspired our project?

Léora was the fruit of an adventure like no other: a family trip to Quebec that lasted one year. We set off with our children, a 10-month-old baby and a 2-year-old, and our 11 suitcases with our heads full of dreams: we wanted to get up close to bears and caribou, go hiking in snowshoes to the top of snowy peaks, and stand at the foot of vast waterfalls. Thanks to babywearing, all these dreams became a reality and are now fond memories that will live on in our hearts and in our kids’ minds. They were able to experience an adventure of grown-up proportions, to open up a window onto the world, with no limits or barriers in their way. For us, the trip was about the joy of sharing something extraordinary with them, whilst feeling their warm breath on our necks and hearing their reactions to the things they saw.