Accidents de parcours-en

Your wrap is a high-technology product. It is made to be beautiful but mainly to be confortable and safe. It is very strong and can help you in your daily activities of hyperactive parents.

During its life close to your baby, your wrap may have some accidents. Most of them are fixable easily and don’t impact the strenght of your wrap.

A pull.

You may pull a thread with a ring or a chair for example. We recommend to slowly replace it with a needle.

If you don’t, the thread could break.

A thread can be broken.

To fix it, find the other side of the thread and gently pull it to be able to make a knot between both part of the thread.

If several neighbouring threads are broken, your wrap may be once and for all dammaged.

In any case, it is important to check your wrap before each use. If you have a doubt, always prioritize your child safety and contact us.