Grade 1 or 2

Our wraps are hand-woven in Jacquard. These very complex weaves do not have the uniformity of industrial weaves! On the contrary, they are full of small imperfections that tell the story of the weave. Thus, you will find in your wrap: an end of coil knot, a floating thread, a missing thread, an irregular thread, etc.

Grade 1 wraps

Grade 1 scarves


The irregularities are less than 2 cm? They are perfectly normal and make each wrap or ring sling unique, their own “beauty marks”.

Grade 2 wraps

Grade 2 scarves

Does your wrap have one or more irregularities exceeding 2 cm? Don't worry, if it has passed quality control, this irregularity is purely aesthetic. However, we classify it as “grade 2” and offer it with a 10% discount (excluding shipping).

Special cases of certain fibers

Special cases of certain fibers

Our fibers are all natural and processed as little as possible in order to preserve their intrinsic quality. They are therefore necessarily irregular in thickness and color, without this being considered a defect. This is especially true for yak, hemp, linen or merino fibres.

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